Education / Community Development

Education and leadership support for adolescent girls

The project aims to provide adolescent high school girls in rural Senegal with access to education and leadership skills to become agents of change in their community.


Education / Health

Empowering vulnerable genocide widows

The project aims to empower 400 vulnerable genocide widows and 1,200 of their dependents in the Karongi and Rutsiro districts of Rwanda’s western province.



Building literacy and bridging the digital divide

The project aims to expand the curriculum and capacity of the Flying Kites Teacher Training Center.  It will also provide access to technology training, resources, internet, and EdTech software, in order to enhance teacher performance, improve student outcomes in literacy and numeracy, promote digital literacy, and nurture the development of 21st century skills.

Sierra Leone

Health / Education

Sustainably improving child healthcare

This project covers the final year of a three-year nurse training program at the Ola During Children’s hospital (ODCH), the first year of which was funded by the Addax and Oryx Foundation. The project aims to sustainably improve the quality of care for sick newborns and children at ODCH, contributing to the reduction of neonatal and child mortality and morbidity.


Education / Community Development

Increasing food security and diversifying incomes

The project aims to support local farmers in growing chilies, within the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park (MPNP) region, in order to both reduce elephant human conflict and provide a secondary income for local farmers.


Education / Environment

Youth empowerment through quality education and sport

The project aims to provide full scholarships to 35 low income students, over five years, at the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy. Scholars are student-athletes who demonstrate leadership ability in the classroom and on the pitch, excel academically, participate regularly in community service, and embody LEAD MFA’s core values daily.


Community Development / Education

Sustainable community development

This new project builds on the incredible transformation of two communities supported in 2015. The project aims to implement, in two new communities of the Kisauni district, the Haller Approach, a four-stage holistic model that enables vulnerable communities to restore their soils, build capacity, achieve economic security and improve the environment.



Improved access to quality books

The three-year project aims to provide an improved access to quality books in the French language for school students from the most vulnerable governorates in Tunisia.


Health / Education

Combating extreme poverty

The FXB village Kanyosha project aims to strengthen the resilience of 100 extremely poor families, 250 adults and 450 children, in order to sustainably lift them out of multidimensional poverty.


Education / Health

Childhood nutrition education

The project aims to provide childhood nutrition education to caregivers and support interventions for severe and moderate acute malnutrition, in Senkoase, Lesotho.


Health / Education

Sustainable development of two rural communities

The project aims to sustainably improve the health, nutrition and livelihoods of two rural communities using eclimate smart technology. CREATE! will use culturally and environmentally adapted methods and further expand its proven model of integrated community development.



Girl’s empowerment program

The project aims to support weak, poor out-of-school and in school marginalized girls, to access quality education and vocational skills relevant for improving the quality of their lives.



Takoradi Educational Centre

The project aims to provide increased access and support to the Education Resource Centre in Takoradi.


Education / Health

Promoting access to reproductive health services

The project led by CHASE Africa, in Narok County in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya, aims to promote access to reproductive health knowledge, information and services for adolescents and youth.


Education / Environment

Sustainable livelihoods and economic empowerment

The project led by the Love Mercy Foundation aims to empower 2,700 women living in the Alebtong District, enabling them and their families to escape the cycle of poverty by generating sustainable incomes and food security through agriculture.


Health / Environment

Community-based circular waste management

The project aims to support three peri-urban communities, in Bamako, to develop and establish a community-based circular waste management model.



Access to secondary school for children from nomadic communities

The four –year project aims to expand Rain for the Sahel and Sahara’s (RAIN) existing “Lower Secondary School Homestay Project”, to an additional 80 under-resourced children from 17 isolated rural communities in the Agadez region.


Education / Community Development

Improving employment opportunities of youths

The project led by Kids Club Kampala, aims to improve the employment opportunities of 30 unemployed young men and women from the Katanga slum in Kampala, Uganda.

Past Projects

Education / Community Development Tanzania Community development projects
Health / Education Ghana Waste management in peri-urban settings
Education / Health Democratic Republic of Congo An organic school farm
Education / Health Kenya Innovative capacity building for frontline healthcare workers
Education Lebanon An education and empowerment center
Health / Education Malawi Construction of a maternity unit
Education / Environment Lesotho Early childhood education support and training
Health / Education Sierra Leone Improving child healthcare
Education / Community Development Rwanda Empowering vulnerable genocide widows
Education / Health Zambia Agricultural hubs for sustainable schools
Education / Environment Mozambique Improving market gardeners' incomes
Health / Education Mozambique Improved livelihoods and nutrition
Health / Education Uganda Self-sufficiency for rural farming households
Education Kenya Secondary school scholarships
Health / Environment Benin Organic school gardens
Education / Community Development Morocco A school for an orphanage
Health / Community Development Mali Increasing incomes through cooperatives
Health / Education Uganda Accelerating socio-economic development
Education Ghana Improving teaching methods
Education / Community Development Rwanda Supporting a primary school
Education Sierra Leone Building a boarding house
Education / Environment Madagascar Developing an agricultural college
Education / Environment Tanzania A vocational education and training centre
Education Guinea- Bissau Teacher Training
Education / Community Development Guinea- Bissau Access to education and employment
Health / Environment Kenya Improving livelihoods
Health / Education Uganda Economic empowerment for vulnerable women
Health / Education Uganda Combating extreme poverty
Education Cote d'Ivoire Training future entrepreneurs
Health / Education Kenya Training in sustainable agriculture and nutrition
Health / Education Togo Drinking water for a vocational training centre
Education / Environment Tanzania Expansion of a primary school
Education / Community Development Zambia E-learning for upper primary school children
Education / Health Israel Birds of peace
Health / Environment Jordan Birds of peace
Education Ghana Funding for an orphanage
Education Nigeria Supporting AIDS victims
Education / Environment Madagascar Support for young farmers
Health / Education Syria Promoting the nursing sector
Education Mali Initiation to ICT
Education Burkina Faso Vocational training
Health / Education Burkina Faso Drinking water for the Gondologo School
Education Cameroon Vocational training for underprivileged women
Education / Health Guinea- Bissau Development of two districts
Health / Education Rwanda Making families self-sufficient
Health / Education Tanzania Strengthened nurses’ training in Tanzania
Health / Education Malawi Improved access to safe drinking water
Community Development / Environment Burkina Faso Supporting agro-ecology
Health / Education Malawi Healthcare to children
Health / Community Development Burkina Faso Solar power for a village
Education Eswatini Education for future African elites
Education Tanzania A quality school for orphans
Education / Environment Cote d'Ivoire Support for a training centre
Health / Education Benin Collecting rainwater for schools
Education Burkina Faso Expansion of a school
Education / Community Development Ghana Extension and reconstruction of an orphanage
Education Nigeria Education for AIDS orphans
Health / Education Togo Food for life
Health / Education Togo Solar water purification for clean drinking water
Health / Education Togo Collecting rainwater for schools
Education Kenya A school in a slum
Health / Education Egypt Care for burns victims
Health / Education Ethiopia Vocational training and microcredit loans for podoconiosis patients
Health / Education Ethiopia Shoes for podoconiosis patients
Education Ghana Self-sufficiency of an orphanage
Education / Environment Ghana Rainwater for an orphanage
Education Eswatini Access to the International Baccalaureat
Education / Health Benin Enhance basic education for children
Health / Education Egypt Asyut Burns Program
Education Morocco Teacher training