Education / Environment

Supporting agricultural colleges

The project aims to improve conditions for young people undergoing initial training at four Fékama agricultural colleges in Madagascar. Over a 2-year period, this initiative will enable 460 young people (30% girls), aged between 14 and 18, to benefit from optimal training.


Health / Education

Sustainable environmental protection

The project aims to increase knowledge of and access to sustainable environmental protection resources in Monduli District, Arusha Region, Northern Tanzania.


Health / Education

Supporting early childhood development and nutrition

The project aims to sustainably and holistically nurture Early Childhood Development (ECD), empower communities through education, and ensure year-round access to fresh, nutritious food for the Touching Tiny Lives (TTL) safe home children.


Health / Environment

Access to water and food security

The project aims to enable the community of N’sengoni, Northern Tanzania, to become water and food secure thanks to 80 residential rainwater harvesting systems and residential greenhouses. The project also includes providing a large-scale greenhouse, next to the Upendo Primary School, for the economic development of a women’s cooperative.

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Vocational training and mentorship for vulnerable young women

The project aims to equip, support and empower 30 marginalized young women (aged 16 to 25) through vocational training combined with mentoring so that each woman recognizes her value and achieves her potential.


Health / Education

Training and mentorship in child nutrition and feeding for nurses

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of nurses at six health centers in Maseru through a training and mentorship program focused on nutrition and feeding. Spoon will be partnering with the Lesotho National Federation of Organizations for the Disabled (LNFOD).

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Education: a right for every child

The project aims to provide quality inclusive education for 1,200 out-of-school children including girls, children affected by conflict, and children with disabilities and special educational needs at schools and accelerated learning centers in North Kivu, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Investing in entrepreneurial skills for young women

This project is part of a broader initiative that aims to ensure women's economic empowerment in the communities that Malaika serves.  The intiative, which takes place at Malaika’s school,  focuses on three key pillars: entrepreneurship and leadership skills, employment readiness, and role modeling and mentoring. The project the Foundation is providing funding for is part of the entrepreneurship and leadership skills pillar.


Community Development / Environment

Sustainable development of two rural communities

The project aims to sustainably improve the health, nutrition and livelihoods of two rural communities,  in Lohene and Keur Mandongo, using environmentally appropriate technology. CREATE! will use culturally and environmentally adapted methods and further expand its proven model of integrated community development.


Health / Community Development

Freedom of mobility for amputees

The project will provide comprehensive prosthetic care to 50 low income amputees in Uganda, facilitating their mobility, employment opportunities, and psychological well-being. The amputees will receive a Circleg prosthetic. The Circleg prosthetic system is one of a kind, it is designed specifically for the needs of amputees and prosthetists in low and middle income countries.



Upgrading the Nthunguni Dispensary

Over the next 18 months, this new project led by the Tsavo Trust (TT) will refurbish the Nthunguni Dispensary infrastructure, addressing structural deficiencies and disrepair within the maternity wing and the overall building.



Bringing coding to schools

The project will provide support to two schools, in Lebanon, to level up their tech education offering through training and coaching for school teachers on delivering coding, robotics, and  AI classes for 240 disadvantaged children aged 11-14.

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Education / Health

Nurturing Opportunities for Women

The project will train 1,000 women from the Kono District, in basic financial literacy, household financial management, effective savings techniques, and business skills, including conducting market surveys and calculating profit.

Past Projects