Health / Education

Construction of a maternity unit

The project intends to construct a maternity unit together with staff accommodation, on the site of an existing primary healthcare clinic at the Chilaweni Village, Blantyre.


Environment / Community Development

Empowering female headed farmer families with multi-purpose bicycles

The project aims to give 100, vulnerable small-scale female headed farmer families, the knowledge and the tools to diversify their incomes achieve independence and thrive economically.



Girl’s empowerment program

The project aims to support weak, poor out-of-school and in school marginalized girls, to access quality education and vocational skills relevant for improving the quality of their lives.

Sierra LeoneNew

Health / Education

Improving child healthcare

The one-year pilot project is part of a three-year nurse training program at the Ola During Children’s Hospital (ODCH). The project aims to sustainably improve the quality of care for sick newborns and children at ODCH, contributing to the reduction of neonatal and child mortality and morbidity.


Education / Community Development

Empowering vulnerable genocide widows

The project aims to empower 400 vulnerable genocide widows and 1,200 of their dependents in the Karongi district of Rwanda’s western province. 


Education / Health

Agricultural hubs for sustainable schools

The project's multi-pronged approach aims to establish agricultural school-run businesses in order to provide rural schools with sustainable sources of income using organic agricultural practices and relevant ICT resources.



An education and empowerment center

The project aims to provide non-formal education to Syrian refugee children in Arsal.



Construction of a diagnostics laboratory

The project aims to construct a new diagnostics laboratory in Gossi. It also includes provision of medicines for the “Hospital for Nomads”.

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Health / Environment

Solar electrification of a hospital

The project aims to install and implement a solar power system at the Magbenteh Community Hospital in order to provide stable, clean, sustainable and cost-effective electricity.



Takoradi Educational Centre

The project aims to provide increased access and support to the Education Resource Centre in Takoradi.

Past Projects