Five new projects validated in October and December 2019

7 February 2020

The Addax and Oryx Foundation granted funding for five new projects at its October and December Board meetings.

Impact Network will receive funding from the Foundation to implement a project, in rural Zambia, that aims to provide a suite of wrap-around services complementary to its eSChool 360 model, support students from Early Childhood to Secondary school, providing them with 21st century skills and a pathway to improved lifelong learning.

L'Oeuvre de Soeur Anne-Marie Salomon, will receive funding from the Foundation in order to contruct a diagnostics laboratory in Gossi, northern Mali. The Foundation will also provide the "Hospital for Nomands" in Gossi with a supply of essential medicines.

The Swiss Sierra Leone Development Foundation (SSLDF) will received funding for a project that aims to provide the Magbenthe Community Hospital in Makeni, Sierra Leone, with solar electrification.

The Belgian organisation SB Overseas will receive funding from the Foundation for a project in Arsal, Lebanon, aiming to provide non-formal education to Syrian refugee children from the Arsal Centre. It will also deliver academic teaching, vocational trainings and psychosocial support to refugee youths and women.

To Be World Wide will receive funding from the Foundation for a three year project aiming to improve access to and support to the Education Resource Centre in Takoradi, Ghana.