Community health insurance for vulnerable families

22 February 2022

Vulnerable families often do not have the means to access basic healthcare and have no other recourse than to self-medicate with cheap or outdated products or to share medicines to limit consultation costs. FXB International (FXB) has established a community health insurance that will allow them to access proper health care and appropriate medication, significantly improving their quality of life.

Beneficiary families of the FXB - village Kanyosha, Burundi, are enrolled in the TUVUZANYE community health insurance scheme promoted by FXB. Since early 2022, members are provided with access to basic healthcare. The executive committee in this commune as well as other members have been trained and sensitized on the importance and management of a mutual health insurance. The committee is composed of a representative of the commune of Kanyosha, a representative of the cooperatives, a health agent, an agent of the service in charge of women and children's issues in the commune and a representative of the communal associations of Kanyosha.