A village-wide composting initiative

27 July 2023

The project led by the Environment Academy, aiming to support the community of Bkerkasha, in completing their village-wide solid waste management initiative, is getting ready to begin implementing composting activities. During the first three months of the project, a composting awareness campaign, comprising of a video, reference brochure, and street signs, has been successfully developed to empower the residents of Bkerkasha. A comprehensive brochure was created, incorporating guidelines and instructions for effective composting. The brochures will serve as a valuable reference tool, equipping residents with the necessary knowledge to successfully implement composting practices. A culturally accessible video was developed to serve as a visual guide, illustrating the step-by-step process of composting and highlighting its individual and community benefits. The video will equally enhance residents’ understanding of the composting initiative. To maximize visibility and engagement, strategic high-traffic areas within the village have been identified for the installation of street signs promoting composting. These signs have been thoughtfully designed to serve as constant reminders and encouragements for residents and visitors to actively participate in composting. Locally built and cost-effective compost bins are being crafted from 240 L chemical barrels that have undergone a thorough cleaning process, ensuring their suitability for composting purposes. The bins will be distributed during a dedicated volunteering day organized by the community team.