Improving the quality of care

A maternity unit together with staff accommodation, on the site of an existing primary healthcare clinic at the Chilaweni Village, Blantyre was constructed and serves a catchment population of 38,000 people living in 23 neighboring villages. An integrated training program led by a specialist Midwife trainer was also part of the project.

Milica Msumba, nurse midwife, qualified in 2007. “I really welcomed the training and thought it was a great idea. Previously I worked at a facility with no maternity unit and went through many years without any refresher training. So I really needed this mentorship because it is really hands on and the timeframe is great because it does not help much to be mentored for only a few occasions. There is a lot to learn and we have been exposed to much information, much practical sessions, assimilations and learning. The quality of teaching is excellent and I feel I can ask the mentors when I need help. I was actually trained as a family planning provider but I wasn’t much competent. The lessons on insertion of inter-uterine devices really helped me and now I feel I am really good at it. I now talk to patients in a polite and a good way because the training focused our minds on our responsibility and attitude. I am so happy that the mentorship is going to continue.”