Agricultural vocational training

Meet Pergelina Ndongi, 21 years old, who is successfully completing the government accredited course in Conservation Agriculture and Irrigation at the DAPP Vocational Training School (DAPP VTS) in Onambelela, Omusati Region.

"In 2021 I have been a student in the horticulture and crop production course at DAPP VTS.

This is a course that I never dreamt of doing but if I am to tell how proud I am right now; you will not believe me!

It is a very interesting course where we learn how to provide food for ourselves at the same time making money for our needs. My favorite experiences in this course were learning how to drive and plough with a tractor and also how to use other modern agricultural machineries. Agriculture is full of fun; though from the beginning it is not easy to learn how and what to use in controlling different types of crop pests and diseases in the field. Also how to manage land and water which are the most important factors needed in agriculture. So in this year 2022, I’m looking forward to learning more and finish my Level 3. I cannot wait to finish my studies and go start my own garden at home, provide food for my family and also make money for myself. Not just that, I also want to be one of the best farmers, not only in my village but in my region.

Thank you to the Addax & Oryx Foundation for supporting us in this training."