Secondary education and more

16 October 2023

The project led by the Hatua Network is addressing the root causes of generational poverty amongst youth in Mombasa, through access to education and opportunity. More specifically, 30 high-potential students (15 girls and 15 boys) from low-income families are being supported throughout their last two years of high school along with mentoring on soft skills. The Addax & Oryx Foundation sponsored students are scheduled to receive their end of high school exam results in January 2025.

The students’ education is supplemented with mentoring focused around 5 key areas:

  • Collaboration with a focus on Teamwork, Leadership & Conflict Management
  • Communication with a focus on Active Listening, Writing, Verbal Communication
  • Emotional intelligence with a focus on Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, and Self-Management
  • Problem solving with a focus on Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking and Decision Making
  • Responsibility with a focus on Proactivity, Productivity, Conscientiousness, Ethics & Integrity

Providing the youths with the opportunities to cultivate such mindsets and skills, bridges the gap between where school leaves off and where employers expect new hires to begin. These mindsets and skills also help to nurture the foundational character strengths and values that support youths to prosper in their personal and professional lives. In April 2023 grantees, dedicated their time to learning how to manage stress, plan their time, and be proactive in their studies. Whereas in August the session turned their focus outward, towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to propose ways Kenya could reach these goals. Students practiced both digital literacy and collaboration skills by working in teams to create and present PowerPoint presentations about their research and conclusions. Attendance rate for these sessions was at 94%.