Nose for Plastic - recycle, reuse, reduce!

16 February 2022

Over the past two years, 40 children and their parents, successfully participated in the Nose for Plastic Program at the Takoradi Educational Resource Centre, Ghana. The program, designed by To Be World Wide, alerts the children to plastic pollution in their community, encourages them to be more aware of their environment and to take small steps to help clean up.

The program has been such a success!

Children are continuing to practice what was learned during the program. “Recycle, Reuse and Reduce!” They now take their own containers to the market to buy food instead of accepting plastic bags from vendors. They have recycled plastic into interesting, useful products for themselves and their friends, such as raincoats for their backpacks. All the plastic that was collected has been sent to the recycling company Nelplast, who manufacture durable road tiles.

In addition, and more importantly, they have also contributed to a change in behaviour at home! Families have stopped the harmful practice of burning of plastic in their yards!