Leader spotlights: Meet Fatima and Modou!

24 August 2023

The Addax and Oryx Foundation has been supporting Women’s Global Education Project since 2021 for an “Education and leadership support for adolescent girls” project. During the 2022-2023 academic year, 405 high school students (345 girls and 60 boys) developed their leadership and advocacy skills, through the leadership activities consisting of leadership workshops, a 3-day leadership retreat for 60 of the most engaged students, completed with community service projects implemented during the summer vacation. Here are two testimonials from the leadership program participants, sharing how the program has impacted their lives.

Fatima, 18 years old, based in Sokone, Senegal: Our Sisters Lead trains girls and boys with leadership tools so they can get out there and serve their community to bring about positive change. I joined the program to serve my society and develop my leadership to be seen as a role model… I wanted to develop public speaking skills so that I could communicate better. The issues that matter most to me in my community are violence against women and girls, substance abuse, and motor safety. The program helps solve these problems by training young people like us who will then carry out awareness-raising activities within their community through radio broadcasts, social mobilizations, and talks. I am happy and proud to be among the leaders of the program!”

Modou, 17 years old, based in Sokone, Senegal: “I joined the Our Sisters Lead program because I saw the positive impact it had on our predecessors who are now role models for our community. I especially wanted to perfect my communication and break my shyness." What issues do you see in the community that need to change? "I am passionate about solving several problems facing society, including ending gender-based violence and fighting climate change. It’s important to me that we take action on these issues and sensitize our communities so that we can live in more perfect harmony. I will make the most of the knowledge I’ve gained from the program and will be a role model for the next generation. Thank you, WGEP, for including boys in the program through the framework of positive masculinity.”