E - learning is a success!

“The ZeduPads have had a huge impact at our school (Kariba South Primary) and has revolutionized the way that we teach. Before we had the tablets, the children would only have access to a computer in grade 7 in the lead up to their exams, which wasn’t fair, as writing on a computer is part of their examinations. I teach grade 6 at the school and before we were given the tablets it was hard to follow the curriculum well. I have two classes every day as we cannot fit all of the grade 6s into one lesson. I would have to plan lessons, teach and mark work for over 65 children every day which can be very tiring. The tablets have really changed things as now I can get lesson plans directly off the teachers’ tablets and the tablets help me with marking work. I feel like the parents take educating their children much more seriously since we introduced the tablets, as they can see now that the school has some of the best opportunities for learning in Sinazongwe district.” Mr Prince Micha, Grade 6 teacher, Kariba South Primary

“The tablets were the first computers that the pupils at our school (Siamucaala Community School) had seen. At first you could see that the parents did not understand what the tablets meant for the learning environment of the school but as time has passed they have really seen the impact. Children rarely miss classes now, especially when they know that the tablets will be used and if they come early, we allow them to learn independently outside using the tablets.” Mr Allan, Grade 4 and 5 teacher, Siamucaala Community School